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What is Construction project
Latest company news about What is Construction project

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A project is a series of related tasks that, when executed in the correct order, will lead to the completion of the project. Projects are temporary and usually produce tangible products or results. This is the opposite of a procedure, which is a series of interrelated projects that can be executed repeatedly or continuously to support an ongoing process.


Construction projects sometimes referred to as "projects" for short, are the organized process of construction, renovation, and renovation of buildings, structures, or infrastructure. The project process usually starts with the overall requirements, and the overall requirements are formulated by creating short feasibility studies, selection studies, design, financing, and construction.


Construction projects are usually one-offs. That is, put the project team, profile, and finances together to generate a unique design that delivers a single project. After the project is completed, the team will disband and sometimes will not be able to cooperate again. This can make it difficult to develop ideas or relationships, so the lessons learned are usually not carried forward to the next project. Except for duplicate developers (for example, supermarket chains, housebuilders, etc.).


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Usually, construction projects include many smaller projects, which require the collaboration of many different disciplines. A typical construction project involves a large number of people, and the structure and composition of the project team usually change with its duration. The project can be coordinated by a project manager (or chief consultant), and the project manager is supported by professionals (such as architects, engineers, cost consultants, etc.). For more information, see Project Team.


The division of project roles into different disciplines and the further separation of contract arrangements between customers, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors may put construction projects into trouble. This can lead to conflict, opposition, confrontation, dispute, or even hostility.



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The solutions proposed to combat the antagonism of construction projects include:


Cooperation and collaboration contracts, such as NEC

Alternative dispute resolution.

Consider the selection criteria carefully.

Integrated supply team.

Reasonable payment method

Other collaborative practices.


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The project can be public or private:


"Public projects" are projects funded by the government, usually owned and operated by the government. This can include major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, dams, railways, tunnels, etc., as well as public facilities such as hospitals, schools, prisons, libraries, leisure centers, etc. For more information, see Common Project Definition.

A "private project" is a project funded, controlled, or commissioned by a private party, that is, it is not a government project. Private groups can include individuals, companies, charities, private funding agencies, schools, hospitals, etc.

Some projects involve public and private entities. A public-private partnership (PPP) is a wide-ranging partnership in which the public and private sectors cooperate for certain mutual benefits, including the completion of construction projects.


The NB CDM rules define a project: "...includes or intends to include construction work, and includes all planning, design, management or other work involved in the project until the end of the construction phase."


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