Different kinds of villas

August 12, 2022

Modern villas are not as simple as you think, rough or unpretentious. If you know how to design strict and reasonable , it will bring a sense of peace and comfort to your home. The common characteristics of the modern style are focusing on white, beige, brown, cream, and other neutral colors. It is a color distribution scheme that can emphasize the new materials that are new materials, lines, and common industrial materials, such as chromium, glass, and concrete, and following the current industry trends.

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The solid villa is independent, with a certain open surface on all sides. This villa is usually built in the middle of a land, surrounded by trees and gardens. The average area of a single villa ranges from 288 square meters to 497 square meters.

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The semi-independent villa is a regional-style villa, consisting of two independent, symmetry, and adjacent houses. The idea of the semi-independent villa is to design a house in the first half of the land and then designed it symmetrically with the second house. Although it is a combination of 2 blocks, the land area of the double-chain villa is usually smaller than a single house, only 189-232m2. The price is usually lower than a single villa.

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Garden villas are villas built on large land. They contact nature in all aspects, such as gardens, fountains, and swimming pools. The price of garden villas is usually higher than in rural areas. Under normal circumstances, there are usually 1 to 3 layers of garden villas. The roof is large. Many door systems in the room can make full use of the beauty of nature. A mini villa means with an area of 80 square meters to 100 squa re meters. In this field, the problem of architects is the design space, which makes it beautiful and luxurious, while ensuring science, convenience, and neatness.

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