Build a prefabricated house

April 8, 2022
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It is one thing to understand the ins and outs of prefabricated houses, and it is another thing to undertake the actual construction and construction of houses. The good news is that the process is no different from houses in traditional buildings, but the process is faster.


The construction of prefabricated houses is divided into three general stages:


1. Planning

In terms of length, the planning phase is actually the most unpredictable phase. This is because depending on your residence, planned construction site and the state of the real estate market, it may take some time to find the ideal home location, obtain a construction permit, finalize the details of the home, interview and select the general contractor, and close your Home loan. It is expected that it will take at least one month to complete this phase. Also, keep in mind that many prefabricated builders can do some of the work for you, especially the process of obtaining a building permit. As long as you have selected a prefabricated housebuilder, some of these tasks can be performed simultaneously.



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2. Manufacturing and site preparation

In terms of time, manufacturing and site preparation are predictable but may vary depending on the manufacturer you choose and its specific manufacturing schedule. For example, a modular homeowner recommends that you wait six weeks to build and prepare. Remember, this intermediate stage is also affected by the general contractor’s schedule. If he or she cannot complete the preparation work on-site due to bad weather or the subcontractor’s schedule, even if your prefabricated house is ready, your schedule may be delayed.



3. Construction

This is when the magic happens-your house is in place and in place. However, just because you think you have reached the finish line does not mean that you have reached the finish line. Modular houses can be delivered and put together within a few days, but it still takes time to “fasten” the site after delivery. For example, it needs weatherproofing to prevent water from leaking between the modules, utilities need to be connected (both inside and outside of the home are connected to the grid), the inner wall needs to be fixed, and the inspection needs to be completed. If you are building a paneled or pre-cut house, you need to do more work to move the house in. All internal fixtures need to be installed and finished. Before entering the home, you should expect that this stage will take at least six weeks.