With your tiny house, go where you want to go

March 8, 2022
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Forget the city stress, why not stay in a jungle!


Go with your tiny house, get where you want to go. We have the perfect place for the family or country. The tiny house is very functional and well thought out. All the amenities of home, but in a more condensed version.


It is equipped for full-time living and high-end finishing of the kitchen, bath, plus an actual flushing toilet.


Watertank and pump are equipped for daily cooking and bath. The water and electricity interface is ready for the gas/electric water heater.


This Tiny House is built on the trailer, allow to park it practically anywhere!



How can we get a fully decorated house and save on shipping costs despite the high shipping costs? We have found the perfect solution. Originally using framed boxes, now we can use ro-ro ships and save 40% on shipping costs. For details, please contact us for a quote.


The house can be pulled onto the ship using a truck and then pulled off the ship using a truck once it reaches its destination port, as follows.