The Types of Prefab Homes

July 1, 2020
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There are several different types of prefab homes. According to the National Modular Housing Council

(NMHC), factory-built homes that must meet local building standards include the following.


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Panelized Homes

Panelized homes are built in panels – a whole wall, for instance – then each panel is transported to the

building site and is constructed into a home. Typically, panelized homes require more finishing work than

modular homes, as the interior finishing work, such as painting, installing cabinetry and stairs, and installing

flooring, must be completed on-site.


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Factory build-time is still similar to that of modular homes (about 6 to 12 weeks), but on-site build time is longer.

It might take a week to construct the panels on-site, then it could take an additional month to complete t

he interior work, depending on the schedules of the subcontractors. Total build time can be estimated at three to

five months, give or take, depending on subcontractor schedules. We can deliver a wide variety of home styles,

such as Cape Cod, modern, ranch, or French country.