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July 28, 2022
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A-frame house:calm down and see the world will find a different beauty

After waking up in the morning, I take a hot tub and enjoy the early morning breeze and birdsong. Had BBQ ribs and hot dogs for lunch. I went to the nearest Walmart in the afternoon. Came back in the evening, bought some beer and steak, and had a campfire. A perfect day.

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Our residence is an A-frame-shaped villa with all the basic equipment, and the indoor and outdoor photos are full of ins wind. Our material is light steel, which is lighter than logs, more resistant to corrosion, and stronger in bearing capacity, The whole house is a small loft, the living room has a large ceiling, and the open-plan bedroom on the second floor is relatively small, which can sleep four people. The house is surrounded by forest trees and has good privacy. The house has unique natural scenery, endless lawns, and mountains.

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The interior is also a very open space. The part of the guest and dining room is an open model of half indoor and half outdoor. The distinction between indoor and outdoor is blurred, and people are more integrated into the beautiful scenery outside. With a home with a full sense of design, you don't need a lot of decoration to make you feel comfortable and beautiful

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Because the house is a triangular structure, the area on the first floor will be much larger than that on the second floor. The high ceilings on the two floors are very comfortable to withstand, and the second floor is not very oppressive, so you can walk around freely. Very complete, much more comfortable than the getaway house!

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The house is designed with panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass, which matches the scenery outside the window just right. The room can directly see a night view, and it is not too close to the house next to it. It is very soundproof, and especially suitable for meditation.

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Although it is not on the lake, the lake view can be seen not far from the house. The house itself is built in the forest, which makes us feel like we are in a fairy tale world. At night, when you open the door, you can see the sky full of stars, the stars are dazzling, and the Big Dipper above your head is particularly bright in the night. Only the sound of wind and falling pine cones, very quiet