5 reasons to choose steel framing when building

May 18, 2016
Latest company news about 5 reasons to choose steel framing when building


When it comes to building your own home or commercial development, there are many different factors to consider before things get underway – from the materials to the floor plan. But when it comes to frames, there’s no need to look further than Light Gauge Steel framing. Here are five great reasons to choose steel house framing when you are next building.

1. It’s environmentally responsible

Using steel house framing is environmentally responsible in terms of the amount of valuable natural resources being consumed. Steel house framing is recyclable and reusable, which means its life cycle is longer and it’s better for the environment. Steel is the most recycled material in the world.

2. Longevity of the material

Steel house framing won’t rust, rot or deteriorate, which makes its lifespan much longer than traditional housing frames. It’s also completely termite proof, meaning there is no problem with termites throughout the country.

3. Fire safety

As steel framing is non-combustible, there is no danger of the frame burning or contributing to a fire. Steel frames also prevent fires from spreading quickly throughout the house because they cannot catch fire and ignite the inner cavities and roof spaces of houses and buildings.

4. Cost-effective

Considering the quality, longevity and safety aspects of using steel house framing, a steel frame is a very cost-effective solution. Steel framing can actually add value to a property and is quickly becoming the benchmark for discerning property builders around the country because of its many benefits.

5. Aesthetics

Thanks to Light Gauge Steel manufacturing technology, steel framing can be made in countless interesting and creative aesthetics to a home or building. Furthermore, due the strong nature of steel, there are more options for creating large open-plan living designs which aren’t typically available using wooden framing. You have the potential with steel framing to create a highly distinctive and personalised home.

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