Sanguinetti.House in Uruguay

October 5, 2023
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Project Overview:

Name: Sanguinetti.House
Size: 12×8.57m
Total Area: 170 square meters
Project Site: Uruguay

The Sanguinetti.House: Modern Living Redefined

At DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, we're proud to introduce the Sanguinetti.House, a remarkable light steel frame house designed and manufactured to elevate your lifestyle in Uruguay.

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The Sanguinetti.House is more than just a house; it's an expression of modern living. With its generous 170 square meters of living space and spacious 12×8.57m dimensions, this house offers versatility and room to breathe.

This house is designed with your family's needs in mind. It features two inviting living areas, a well-appointed kitchen, four comfortable bedrooms, and three luxurious bathrooms. Whether you seek relaxation, gourmet cooking, or personal retreats, the Sanguinetti.House delivers.

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We employ cutting-edge light steel frame technology for construction, ensuring structural integrity, energy efficiency, and a reduced environmental impact. Enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly living experience while contributing to a greener planet.

The Sanguinetti.House is more than a home; it's a space that adapts to your evolving needs. Whether you're starting a family, embracing multi-generational living, or seeking a spacious vacation home, this house can grow with you. Its design allows for future modifications and expansions.

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DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is known for its unwavering commitment to quality. Skilled craftsmen ensure that every detail, from the foundation to the finishing touches, is executed with precision and care. Your Sanguinetti.House is built to stand the test of time.

Uruguayan Landscape

Nestled in the captivating landscape of Uruguay, the Sanguinetti.House offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty. Enjoy serene surroundings, explore local cuisine, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Elevate your lifestyle with the Sanguinetti.House, where innovative design, sustainability, and functionality harmoniously come together. Contact DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE today to embark on your journey toward modern living excellence. Your dream home in Uruguay awaits!

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