(Last Updated On: 09/17/2020)
(Last Updated On: 09/17/2020)

Modular structures are usually used in residential buildings. Reusing modules of similar size will bring benefits in terms of construction speed and manufacturing economies of scale.

Construction form

The modular structure usually consists of room-sized units suitable for transportation. The structure of the module consists of a light steel frame. The modules used in residential buildings usually have a maximum width of 4m and a length of 10m and are usually fully installed in the factory.

The modules can also be supported on the steel structure on the podium, and the lower floor is used for commercial spaces.

Application field

Student dormitories, social housing, hotels, and military accommodation.

technical details

Modules usually form part C on walls and floors. The structure is similar to the light steel frame. Double walls, floors, and ceilings were created, thus providing a high level of sound insulation. The use of off-site manufactured modules ensures a high level of thermal insulation and airtightness. The U value obtained for the modular enclosure project shown in Figure 12 is less than 0.2 W/m2K.

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