(Last Updated On: 09/28/2020)

Many types of roofing systems can be designed using light steel components, especially where habitable roof spaces are created.

Construction form

The various forms of steel roof systems include:

C-shaped section flat roof

Strip between walls

Open roof truss

Lattice members

Modular roof system.

These roof systems can be combined with tiles supported on slats and reverse slats, composite roof panels, and “green” roofs. Roofs can also be increasingly used as support for photovoltaic panels.

Application field

Provide a habitable space for a series of buildings.

Prefabricated modular roof.

Technical details

The light steel roof system is composed of C and Z profiles. The depth of the lin strip is usually 200 to 300 mm and the span is 5 to 9 m. The structural liner tray or composite board can extend perpendicular to the strip. The liner pallet is filled with mineral wool and felt cloth is placed on it. The tiles can be supported on wooden strips and counter strips fixed on the upright position of the liner tray.

Various forms of prefabricated roof trusses are also available in the form of pre-connected roofs. Posts can be created to connect the rails of the photovoltaic panel.