Our Story

Our Story


DeepBlue  collaborates with builders, contractors and developers, alleviating traditional on site construction challenges by creating smarter pre-fabricated solutions utilising lightweight steel framing systems.


To be a steel framing supplier that every builder wants to use.

Our aim is to have happy clients and repeat business.

Culture and value

  • RESPECT – Respect coworkers and respect the client at all times
  • INNOVATIVE – Always looking for new and better ways to fulfill processes and do business
  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED – We do what we can to create and nurture successful relationships with all clients
  • PURPOSE – We work as a team to educate the building industry as to a better way to build

Our Team

The DeepBlue Smarthouse world is one with advanced production equipment, managed by outstanding professionals, within a sound training environment. Together with our excellent corporate atmosphere we provide you with firstclass service where zero defect is our goal. A better factory with better products for our customers, that’s our commitment to you.


Our Factory

We have a new large processing center and modern production workshop. This is to ensure that the accuracy of the production equipment, is in strict accordance with all technical specificvations anc maintains the highest quality control throughout production.