The Benefits of Modular Houses

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As you may know, modular building is a construction method based on off-site construction. Then it is manufactured and assembled in the correct location. With it, you will get a unique new design tailored to meet you and your needs. Prefabricated buildings are a flexible and cost-effective solution!   There are six main advantages of

What is a modular house?

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The key is in the name: "module". A modular house is a house built, section by section, in a factory setting. These are massive climate-controlled installations that assemble homes in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC), which requires compliance with all state and local building regulations.IRC is similar to the US Department of Housing

Everything you need to know about Steel Construction

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What is steel construction? Steel construction, as the name implies, is a building construction constructed with architectural steel as the main structure and load-bearing structure. Such buildings usually consist of beams, columns, trusses, and other components made of section steel and steel plates to form a load-bearing structure. Then, the load-bearing structure and the building's

Steps to planning a successful construction project

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When excited about a construction project, it is easy to dive directly into the water. The sooner you start, the faster you will finish! But if you are prepared to fail, then prepare to fail. Here are some important steps to help you plan a successful home renovation: Choose design professionals. For in-depth plans and

What is Construction project

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A project is a series of related tasks that, when executed in the correct order, will lead to the completion of the project. Projects are temporary and usually produce tangible products or results. This is the opposite of a procedure, which is a series of interrelated projects that can be executed repeatedly or continuously to

Design and detailed drawing of light steel frame

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General Any design and engineering of light steel structures must be carried out by professionals. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is easy to use in light steel frames, and most projects should be carried out at BIM level 2. Early in the process, a design team workshop should be held and attended by all relevant parties.

Light steel frame roof system

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Many types of roofing systems can be designed using light steel components, especially where habitable roof spaces are created.Construction formThe various forms of steel roof systems include:C-shaped section flat roofStrip between wallsOpen roof trussLattice membersModular roof system.These roof systems can be combined with tiles supported on slats and reverse slats, composite roof panels, and "green"

What is modular building

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Modular structures are usually used in residential buildings. Reusing modules of similar size will bring benefits in terms of construction speed and manufacturing economies of scale. Construction form The modular structure usually consists of room-sized units suitable for transportation. The structure of the module consists of a light steel frame. The modules used in residential

Technical solutions for residential building

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Stability and structural integrity Integral stability is provided by bracing or other structures, such as concrete cores, integrated with lightweight steel frames. Structural Integrity or robustness can be achieved through multiple interconnections between light-weight steel members. The connection is designed to provide the required binding capability between the different components of the structure. Cladding You

The Light Steel Exterior Wall System

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In multi-story frame buildings, it is common practice to use a light steel exterior wall system to create a "fast-drying envelope" to support the exterior cladding. The use of a light steel exterior wall system can be applied to any type of steel structure or concrete frame structure. Its lightweight, fast installation speed, and easy