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For a range of developer clients, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is the architect, material supplier, manufacturer. By taking responsibility for the entire project life cycle and integrating every product and service necessary to design and assemble buildings allows us to optimize for speed and efficiency.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE’s tightly integrated design & engineering teams distill decades of experience to create and deliver leading-edge built environments that are beautiful, timeless, and adapt to the user’s various needs.

The DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE architectural aesthetic is crisp, contemporary, and respectful of the site and community. In addition to beautiful design, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE architecture and structural teams focus on standardizing highly repeatable elements of buildings—optimizing systems and products that allow buildings to be mass-produced. This is enabled through design efficiencies such as standard unit libraries, client-approved finish material libraries, and the use of manufactured assembly products.

For New Build clients, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE acts as the sole supplier for every major category of building material, including site and structural materials, rough-in products, and all finishes. We work in Education, Resort, Hotel, Retirement villages, Health, Aged Care, Commercial, Residential and Infrastructure sectors.


● Rust, termite-proof, and rust resistant materials

● Straight and true framing for a direct fix of other

   materials without packing or planing

● Integrated professional trade services

● Long-span capabilities

● 3D virtual modeling & CNC manufactured components

● Easy installation on-site – no straightening of walls

● Lightweight construction reduces floor loads

● Lower labor costs

● Designed to suit the application and the contractor


● Apartments
● Student accommodation
● Unit developments
● Townhouse
● Upper floor plant rooms
● Office developments
●Warehouses and Industrial Projects
● Aged Care Facilities
● Storage Centres
● Schools

Our factory

The DeepBlue Smarthouse world is one with advanced production CNC machines managed by outstanding professionals, within a sound training environment. Together with our excellent corporate atmosphere we provide you with firstclass service where zero defect is our goal. A better factory with better products for our customers, that’s our commitment to you.

Our project

Deepblue Smarthouse focuses on providing it’s customers with professional smart housing solutions through products that bring unprecedented customer satisfaction and long term relationships, allowing us as partners, to deliver smart houses for the world.

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